Jan 1013 Report

By Gage Coldwater | Jan 2, 2013
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News From Cameroon!!!

By Gage Coldwater | Sep 5, 2012

  picture is from http://www.globetree.org/africa/cameroon/      Today I received news from the director of the Wotutu (Cameroon, Africa) Center for Biblical Studies concerning the farm that we helped establish there back in March.  Things there are going very well.  We have only had one major problem and that is concerning the rabbits.  We have weather…

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New Member of the Farm

By Gage Coldwater | Sep 1, 2012

Rooting up lots of weeds  I know its been a little time since I last posted on here but I am going to commit to posting our progress on the farm more.  Today we were able to procure a new special member of our farm.  We went to a small animal auction this morning and…

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Hard at work!!!

By Gage Coldwater | Apr 4, 2012

I continue to receive great news from our work in Cameroon. All of the students have returned from campaign and have resumed their studies. I received some pics in an email this morning from Bro. Elangwe showing some progress on the agricultural projects we started when I was there several weeks ago. The rains have…

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Great News From Cameroon!!!

By Gage Coldwater | Apr 2, 2012

I received great news from Brother Elangwe this morning. Below is his update of the work the students did on their campaign. Dearest beloved in Christ, Accept greetings from the entire Wotutu congregation and the students of CBIW. We are thankful to God for the opportunity to enter a new month. We do hope you…

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End is Near 🙁

By Gage Coldwater | Mar 15, 2012

Our time here in Cameroon is quickly approaching its end. It seems as if we just arrived. Today was a great day here. I gave the students some hands on assignments and they far exceeded my expectations. I have been trying to get them to “think outside the box.” The assignment was to build 2…

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By Gage Coldwater | Mar 12, 2012

Today I was finally able to start teaching our vocational classes. We spent a large amount of time trying to understand what the Bible says about the principles of agriculture. The students really seemed to enjoy it. At about 11a.m. the trainers for the snail program came and taught us for several hours. The picture…

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By Gage Coldwater | Mar 10, 2012

Yesterday I was unable to give an update of the work here in Cameroon due to the fact that our internet was down for the day. But yesterday and today were great days. Much was accomplished. We were able yesterday to acquire rabbits from an individual in Beua. We bought 5 rabbits. 2 of them…

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By Gage Coldwater | Mar 8, 2012

Today for lunch we finally got to try Giant African Snail. I was a little bit nervous and excited all at the same time. A wife of one the students from the school cooked them for us. It is hard to put into words the texture and flavor however I will attempt to give it…

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