Tuesday March 6th Update

By Gage Coldwater | Mar 6, 2012

Today was truly a busy and wonderful day here in Wotutu. We had a gentleman from a non-profit organization that trains people in how to raise snails to come by the school and to get us started in this training. The students and the staff here are all very excited about the prospect of raising…

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Monday March 5th Update

By Gage Coldwater | Mar 5, 2012

Monday proved to be a long yet great day of work. We accomplished a large amount of work. Elangwe (director of the school) and I went and met with the people who are going to come train the students how to raise snails in cages. They said that they would come to the school tomorrow…

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Safe and Sound

By Gage Coldwater | Mar 4, 2012

I am thankful to now safely be in Cameroon. I arrived yesterday evening Cameroon time 5:50 pm (US time 11am) to be greeted by the wonderful smiles of Elangwe and his beautiful wife and cute son Ray. We then waited on Brother Martin Johnson to fly in from Utah about an hour later. My flights…

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Springing Forward

By Gage Coldwater | Mar 2, 2012

Today I feel like a giant spring that has been firmly pressed to the ground and is ready to catapult into the great unknown. I have been looking forward to the opportunity to travel to Cameroon Africa, to work with the school of preaching, for months. All of the planning, praying, and preparing has only…

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