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Hundreds of thousands of people are without shelter, food, water, and medicine in Nepal’s vast mountainous regions and capital city of Kathmandu.  In the wake of Saturdays earthquake that registered 7.8 magnitude, estimates are that over 5,000 people are dead, 50,000 people are injured, and one million children are in need of care and shelter.

Vast tent cities have sprung up in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, for those displaced or too afraid to return to their homes as strong aftershocks continue, some registering above 6.0 magnitude.  The Nepali government has put out an early estimate that 90% of homes within Kathmandu region will be leveled.  Most cell networks are down and roads and trails are severed by a multitude of landslides, confirmed information from remote areas is proving difficult at best to come by.
 Adding injury to insult is the fact that most of the region is getting drenched by torrential rains and rising rivers.  Without proper sanitation, food and water, disease is likely to spread like wildfire.  
“We saw some villages completely washed away by landslides, while some others looked like deserts due to landslides,” Captain Bibek Khadka, a pilot for a private helicopter company based in Kathmandu, told the Annapurna Post
 Many of our brethren have lost their homes, family members, and are without adequate necessities of life.  Brother Kirash Maharjan wrote to me saying “many houses were destroyed, they have lost everything,no food and shelter, my house is also damaged. We all are living together in open place,now it’s raining the tent we made is also not safe during ,about 200 people we living in a mess,about 2000people in my place are living in camp.”   Another brother, Pramod Dhakal wrote me saying “I am getting call from up in the hills where we have many congregations. This morning I was told that many church building have destroyed. Brethren have lost their houses and property. 5 members of one family who are members of Lord’s church died. But this is up in the hill far away from Kathmandu. Still I am trying to get full-picture of calamity in remote area where our brethren are suffering..”

Son of church leader sitting before dead body of his father and brother, waiting to be evacuated from rubble.

At the Manna Project we are working around the clock right now to gather funds to send to our brethren to provide the most basic needs: food, water, shelter, and medicine.  We are also working to put together a team of workers to go and assist in the relief effort focusing on members of the body of Christ.
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