Our Approach & Methods

We use educational and vocational approaches to train brethren.

Preaching Schools

We have a strong desire to teach men to preach the Gospel of Christ. Our schools are setup like traditional schools. These programs require two full years and cover a multitude of Bible and related subjects. Additionally, we have classes for all brethren so that they may grow in the faith (only men can graduate with a preaching certificate). Our schools are overseen by local directors who are sound in the faith. We also have a Director of Academics and staff writer to provide oversight and sound teaching material.

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Resource Centers

In 2023 we started our first Resource Center in Nepal. These Centers differ from standard preaching schools in that only short courses are offered. These classes last 1-4 weeks and cover many subjects from the Bible to vocational material. Here we provide housing, classroom instruction and hands-on teaching. It is our goal to use these Centers as a means to train brethren to provide for themselves, make them strong in the faith, and help them reach others. We are currently developing plans for additional Resource Centers.

Curriculum, Material, & Seminar Development

At the Manna Project, sound doctrine is at the heart of what we do. We have developed preaching school, vocational, and evangelistic material to aid our brethren in growth and development. We have created a series of correspondence courses to reach the Muslim community. Over 600 Islamic followers have been converted, many to become preachers. We have also translated the “Back to the Bible” series into Nepali. We also work with World Video Bible School to provide digital preaching material via wireless technology.


Agriculture Training

Since our beginning we have trained brethren overseas in the use of agriculture to produce food and income. We use traditional row/garden plotting to teach many growing techniques for native plants. When we develop these farms, we test the soil and use local seed when possible. We instruct on how to raise animals properly for food production. Something else we do when possible is introduce hydro/aquaponics for raising plants and fish for consumption and sale. These practices allow our brethren to provide for themselves.

Vocational Training

In addition to our agriculture training programs we teach many other vocational skills. Through conversations and investigation we see what skills are needed in what areas and seek to provide those. These trades are as relevant as possible to their culture, location, and economic situation. We plan to provide other vocational training such as: welding, construction and carpentry, sewing and tailoring, auto repair, and computer technology. We want to be as effective as possible in helping our brethren be self-supporting.


We Teach Them To Fish

Our goal with our agriculture and vocational training is to help ministers and members alike to become just like the Apostle Paul. Paul was a tent making preacher (Acts 18:3). He supported himself, those like Timothy who traveled with him, and many others (Acts 20:33-35). He truly understood the adage, “if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime.”

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