The Talawanda School of Preaching


Rwenzori School of Preaching

Talawanda, Tanzania

TWSOP-Our school in Tanzania has been in operation since 2018 and sets the example for what sustainable ministry training is. Talawanda is on the coastal plains of Tanzania, in an area that is dominated by Muslims and tribal religions. As a traditional preaching school, we can house and train 20 brethren and their families at a time. Classes run on a normal academic calendar and last 7 hours each day. In addition to standard Biblical curriculum, students spend 2 hours each day working the school farm. Students engage in weekly evangelistic efforts They also evangelize locally. In Tanzania we have over 20 acres of ground that the school manages. They do gardens with crops such as peanuts, watermelons, cassava, corn, and others. They also raise goats, chickens, and rabbits. In addition to traditional livestock, they also have two aquaculture ponds for tilapia and catfish.

Facilities include

Talawanda School of Preaching-Tanzaina

Our Team At TSOP


Maurice Gasper

School Director

Faustiny Emanuely

Assistant Director

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