The Manna Project Resource Center: Jhapa


The Manna Project in Nepal

Jhapa, Nepal

In 2022 property was donated in Jhapa (SE Nepal), near the Indian border. This land and building were converted into a demo farm, Resource Center, and housing. The great location of this Center will allow us to train a multi-national group of students. On the farm we have developed several types of crops for comparison demonstrations. At the center we teach short courses year round. These classes range in duration from 1-4 weeks and cover a variety of topics. Many topics are Biblical in nature and designed to help both preachers and brethren. The vocational classes deal with things like agriculture principals, auto repair, and domestic production. All this so brethren can be self-sufficient in their work.
For many years we have sponsored monthly seminars to promote growth with local ministers. We also work with World Video Bible School to provide a digital and mobile preaching school in a box. This is well received as many in remote villages can utilize this type of education. We also developed a 12 month curriculum to promote church growth, leadership and evangelism. Each month the local preachers or men can present pre-made lessons on elderships, deacons, leadership development, or evangelism. We have also worked with the House2House School of Evangelism to translate the “Back to the Bible” study series into Nepali for our brethren to use in converting their neighbors.

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The Manna Project Resource Center: Jhapa-Nepal

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