Day 1 Nepal Earthquake Relief


Sometimes there are not sufficient words to describe how you feel at your deepest core.  Devastation on a mass scale like it is here is hard to fit into a sentence and pictures even fall massively short of depicting the truest pain and suffering that is going on in Nepal right now.  We surveyed much of the damage here in Kathmandu today.  The older and ancient parts of the city were the worst hit.  It literally looks like a war zone in certain parts right now.  Its almost as if these buildings had been bombed.  

There were school buildings that literally fell flat.  Giant 5 story apartment buildings that toppled over onto the streets or the building next to them causing a chain reaction like dominoes.  The government here estimates that over one million Kathmandu citizens have fled from the city.  It was almost like a ghost town compared to my last trip here.  There were people sleeping under tarps on the sides of the roads, in the parks, and in any other flat open area.
Many of the iconic monuments and historical buildings have been destroyed.  We toured a historical section of town including an area where the Kings palace once was but after the earthquake is no more.  We saw Hindu and Buddhist temples that looked as if King Josiah himself had been here and had dropped a bucket load of grenades inside!
Hindu Temple destroyed by the earthquakes

We had hoped to be able to hire a helicopter today to take us north of Kathmandu to deliver rice and other supplies to many of our brethren and their neighbors in a village called Tipling.  However, that was not able to happen today but after much hard work (especially on the part of Pramod) we were able to secure one of the first flights out of Kathmandu in the morning.

Please continue to pray for our trips safety and success.  We are continuing to raise funds to help these brethren.  If you want to donate please click on the donate tab a the top of the page and help us help these people get the relief and help they so desperately need.

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