Tuesday March 6th Update

Today was truly a busy and wonderful day here in Wotutu. We had a gentleman from a non-profit organization that trains people in how to raise snails to come by the school and to get us started in this training. The students and the staff here are all very excited about the prospect of raising snails for consumption and for selling at the market (snails bring premium price here). After this man came and left we had another wonderful meal by Elangwe’s wife. She has been wonderful in her cooking and care of us.
Each morning we get up at 5 a.m. and we have a devotional period with the students until 5:30 at which time we then have what they call a “radio broadcast.” This broadcast does not go through any AM or FM transmitter but rather is sent all over our village and 4 or 5 surrounding villages via a giant p.a. system. Imagine waking up every morning to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! This evening Elangwe took us up the mountain to the village of Tolle. It is a village located in the middle of giant tea plantations. There is a small congregation there that is struggling to survive. One of the preaching school students has recently started preaching there every Sunday and is conducting weekly Bible studies there. I was able to teach a study in “Growing in Faith-fullness” tonight. My message was received very well by the people. The picture above is me with the members of the congregation there. While we were there preaching the students of the school went into the Jungle to get giant bamboo for the construction of all our animal pens and for our fence. We should get started building our pens and shelter tomorrow. We are truly having a great trip and the Lord is really blessing the work. Please continue to pray for us!!!

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