Worker Spotlight: Kyamuhangawa Jalesi

Kyamuhangawa Jalesi is a native of Uganda. He is one of our farmworkers at the Rwenzori School of Preaching in Kasese. He works hard on the farm. In addition to his normal farm duties, he has been tasked with teaching the students about farming and overseeing their work on the farm. I am always impressed with his hard work ethic. Seldom do I catch him sitting down.

He also stays busy away from the farm preaching and evangelizing. He has been laboring with the Nyambuko church of Christ in the mountains near Kasese. This year they have worked hard and purchased land for the church and erected a church building constructed of mud and sticks. This type of construction, known as Waddle and Daub is common in Africa. Through the evangelism efforts that Jalesi has helped with at Nyamboko there have been two baptisms in the month of October.

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