Back In The Saddle

November was an exciting month for me. It wasn’t because of the election, but because I got to go back to Africa! Gregg and I were able to travel to the Talawanda School of Preaching during a window of time when the travel restrictions for Tanzania were almost nonexistent. Our flights were mostly empty, which meant that we had plenty of room to spread out and be comfortable.
Maurice met us at the airport at Zanzibar and conducted us to the school. While we were there we were able to teach courses on business, agriculture, and the Biblical doctrine of marriage. We were also able to take care of some administrative matters with the school. Part of that involved a visit to the town council to hear their impression of the school. They are all very glad that we are there, and they can see the difference that Christians are making in their community.

After returning home our family enjoyed the holidays together. This holiday season was different, to be sure. Nevertheless, it was still a time to reflect on the many ways that God has blessed us so bountifully, and the doors that have been opened during and because of the pandemic.

We have been able to visit most of our supporters and give updates on the work that we have done together this year. We are most thankful for each of you, and keep you in our prayers. To be sure, this year turned out differently than we had planned, but there have been many exciting opportunities and souls that have been reached during this time.

It still remains to be seen how the new administration, both here, and in the countries where we are working (it was an election year there, too), will affect our ability to travel with their policies and responses to the pandemic. Regardless, there is much to be done. I am looking forward to the opportunities to work overseas that have presented themselves, and also for the many open doors here at home.

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