Thoughts From Gregg Knight

Even though the coronavirus may have us grounded from travel at this time, we are still working from home. Modern technology enables us to have daily contact with our three schools of preaching and the staff. We are glad to report all are safe and well. Both here and in Africa, we are all desperately anticipating the end of this virus and lockdown. As required by the authorities, all students have been sent home except in Modelle, Cameroon.

In fact, I was just this morning answering questions about gardening. A Rwenzori School of Preaching graduate, Maate John, has planted the vegetable seeds from graduation and is growing food for his family and neighbors during the lockdown. Without such, they would be going hungry. This young man is the one that, upon arrival back home, contacted, taught, and converted his brother to Christ.

Please be praying for Rwenzori, Modelle, Talawanda, and Manna Project. We appreciate so very much your continued support for our mission work.

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