Notes From The Academic Director

As is the case for all of us and our respective works, the Spring of 2020 has not gone as planned for us. In January, Gregg and I were able to be in Uganda for the graduation at Rwenzori, and the intake of new students. We had planned to be back in Africa during the month of April. That trip has been canceled, and our summer plans look questionable at best.

In compliance with government orders, the schools in Tanzania and Uganda have been closed, and students sent home. The school in Modelle, Cameroon continues to operate as usual. To date, Coronavirus has not been reported in the English speaking zone of Cameroon around the school.

While we are in this holding pattern, faculty at the other two schools are focusing on cultivating the farms. We have seen encouraging gains in production. In the wake of this lockdown, food is already becoming scarce, making our farm work all the more important.

As we look ahead to the time when our students will be able to return, we are also making preparations for beginning the new academic quarter. Both schools were able to complete the current quarter just before sending the students away. Please keep Africa in your prayers.

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