Thoughts from Gregg Knight

It has been almost two years since stepping into my beloved Uganda. We can keep up with the Rwenzori School of Preaching through WhatsApp and Messenger. Let me tell you about the evangelism work of Mbusa Benard, Jalesi, and Maate John! Please remember that the brethren are unable to worship, and travel is very limited due to the pandemic.

Mbusa, RSOP director, lives in Kasese, southwest Uganda. While the country is in lockdown due to covid-19, he and several other brothers in this area are busy conducting Bible studies with all those interested in the Lord’s church after the recent food distribution. Christ’s love for people has drawn much interest. For the past year, Mbusa has invited into his home the Kidodo congregation that he started. This gives Christians living on that side of town a closer place of worship. They now have 30 members and prospects for study have reached 50 who are ready to be taught the Gospel. Overall, he reports 69 baptisms with 107 active studies in area congregations.

Jalesi, a graduate of our first graduating class and worker at the RSOP farm, is also an area preacher. He has worked with several congregations but now is helping establish a new congregation at Kyanika. They have temporary accommodations but have been given permission to build on a piece of land. They have constructed a wood frame building with the need of “iron sheets” for the roof. This group is around 15-18.
Another graduate, second graduation, Maate John Robben, is involved in a good work in Congo. This area is very dangerous as the nation is in serious conflict. Yet, they know best how to cross the river and safely reach the people.

An ongoing evangelistic work in the Congo is being done by Mbusa, Enosi, Solomon, Keith, and Tom.

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