The Lord’s Day

Worship at Kwa Mrombo Tanzania

It is so refreshing to be with God’s people every week to worship and praise Him.  We are so blessed to be children of the King.  Today I was blessed to preach and teach at the Kwa Mrombo congregation here near Arusha, Tanzania.  There were around 30 present and it was a wonderful time together. Many were missing due to illness though so please pray for their improved health.  Sean and Anita Hochdorf and his parents drove me there and they had to take one family to the hospital when we arrived.  Sickness is so widespread here due to extremely unsanitary conditions for most people due to poverty. 

After services this morning we went and ate at the Mt. Meru Hotel Restaurant and it was delicious to say the least. I spent the day with Sean and his family and the hospitality was wonderful.  Tomorrow we continue our teaching on how to be self-sufficient preachers.  Please pray for our continued success.  So far it has went very well and I believe that this will have a dramatic impact on those that utilize the material and training provided.  This week much of the teaching will be very hands on.  I am continually being told by the students here how excited they are to go home and begin improving their lives through these methods.  I have received several requests to come to more schools and to some villages to teach this material.  Please be praying that the doors to these works will continue to be open.

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