Another Great Day

Yesterday we began digging our tilapia pond.  I didn’t get to help unfortunately as I was at the Dr’s office due to being stung 3 times on my right hand by a HUGE wasp.  Being allergic to wasp stings, I was rushed to town yesterday morning to get a shot of Epinephrine (adrenaline).  I am doing fine today and most of the swelling is gone now.  Today we worked hard to finish digging the pond and to seal it.  The students worked very hard and we finished it right after lunch. 

Students Digging Tilapia Pond

 About 10 minutes after we finished digging the pond and packing the clay, the skies opened and the rain came.  It rained for about 1 hour and the pond was nearly half full. The rain came down in what seemed like elephants and hippos.  Hopefully tomorrow it will rain again like it did today and our pond will be full.

Pond being filled by rain

Tonight I had the wonderful privilege of having dinner with Sean Hochdorf and his family.  I was treated with wonderful hospitality and great Christian fellowship.  Sean has done good works throughout the US and is continuing that here in Tanzania as he teaches here at the school.  I look forward to getting to know him much better in the future. 

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