Talawanda School of Preaching Brings Home the Bacon

The school at Talawanda has been doing well. The students are beginning the third academic quarter of the second year. They are looking forward to graduation at the end of June. When Gregg and I were there, we were very impressed with the work ethic that we saw in them, and in the questions that they asked. Their questions showed that they were being thoughtful in their studies.

There has been another big development on the school farm. Maurice has put together a plan to help the school support itself by raising feeder pigs. While we were at the School in November new pig pens were constructed and the first batch of pigs was ordered. Just this week those first pigs found their way to the market for sale and fetched a good price. New pigs were purchased with the proceeds and the profits set aside for an emergency fund. So, some piggies went to market, and others went “wee, wee, wee” all the way home.

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