Meet Joseph Kazidi

Joseph Kazidi came to the school at Talawanda with quite a back story. He had spent his life and career working as a soldier. While he was serving as an armed security guard at a bank, that bank was robbed. The robbers cut him down with machine gunfire. He took several bullets, one destroyed his elbow, and his other injuries were critical.

After fighting for his life he returned to his native village of Talawanda to finish recovering. This episode caused him to seek God. He had heard about a school in town that was teaching the Bible, so he came and asked to learn about Jesus. After sharing the Gospel with him he was baptized in a nearby creek. He immediately desired to enroll as a student so that he could learn more and share that knowledge with others. So, he was enrolled at the beginning of the second year. He will stay and complete the first year of instruction with the next intake.

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  1. Carl Brumbaugh on April 18, 2021 at 10:05 pm

    Was interested in how our church here in Bossier City Louisiana could help do a fund raiser for the Manna Project? Our minister Parker Webster was telling us about your work with Manna. We are wanting to get our congregation involved in a fund raiser to support a good work and is sound in teaching Gods word. Visited your website for information on your work.

    Carriage Oaks Church of Christ
    Carl Brumbaugh
    Erwin Tipton

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