Rwenzori School of Preaching May Update

During the month of May, the students were in the midst of the second quarter of the school year. Their studies are going well. Their evangelistic efforts have born much fruit.

The preacher for the congregation of “The Brethren” that was converted has been busy. He had visited and converted five other congregations of that denomination by the time we cane to Uganda. While we were there we were able, with his help, to place a sixth congregation of that group in contact with a local Gospel preacher, and they are eagerly learning what the Bible has to say.

Two of our students were dismissed while we were there. This leaves us with nine students who are nearly half way through their second year. These students are all doing very well in their studies, and are showing a great attitude. The farm is doing very well. They have begun growing vanilla at the school, which will take a couple years to mature.

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