Back To Uganda

I spent the last two weeks of May in Uganda with brother Gregg Knight. While we were there Gregg spent some time working on the school farm and teaching the students a few things. I taught a course on therapeutics, using Foy Forehand’s Common Sense Rules of Bible Study, and How To Study The Bible by Kevin Rhodes. Overall the students did very well. They all passed the course, and were happy to receive some new books. I left a couple of extra copies there to be added to the school library as well.

While we were there we spent some time following up on evangelistic contacts that were made on our last trip. I was able to spend some time studying the principles of Biblical authority with Matthew, the young man that had been working with our rabbits. We also reached out to the denominational church in the mountains that had invited us to come and preach to them, but were unable to schedule a time to do so this trip. Hopefully that can happen next time.

We visited several area congregations and spent time encouraging the brethren in their work. At the village of Kyabkikuha we met the preacher for the Full Gospel church, and spent some time studying with him. We were able to leave him with some hard questions to consider and study, and encouraged him to continue learning from Enos, the local preacher for the church of Christ.

While we were there, a behavior issue came up with a couple of students. They were dismissed from the school, and provided with funds to return home. Both brothers have since been restored to faithful service to Christ, and are working with their home congregation. This leaves us with nine students at Rwenzori.

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