Pignon and Cap Haitian and back

Over the last few days we have traveled to Pignon (in the dead center of Haiti) to Cap Hatian (the far northern coastal city) and back to Port Au Prince (the far southern capital city where we stated our journey.) This journey has been one I will never forget. I did not have a clue what this trip held in store for us. When we arrived in Pignon we met 15 men who had been until recently denominational preachers. In just the last month they have been converted to the truth. There are a total of 22 former denominational preachers in the Pignon area that have been converted to the truth. Add to that, tonight another denominational preacher was converted by the other formerly denominational preachers! God is truly good! Each of these men are now preaching the truth in and converting whole congregations of the denominations! We had a bible study last night in Pignon with such a group. The fields are truly ripe for the harvest in Haiti. On Wednesday we met with the directors of a preaching school and I now plan on traveling back to their school to teach the bible and agriculture. They were very excited and I believe we can teach and help many struggling preachers in Haiti. Thursday we drove back to Port Au Prince and stopped at several orphanages that brother Manius Viximar runs. He has over 200 orphans under his care. We are staying in a home with a brother tonight and we have air conditioning! Tomorrow we will teach at the school here in Port Au Prince.

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