Counting For Christ

As the month of August arrived, I found a unique opportunity for evangelism: The United States Census. I had signed up to help count residents of Hill County where we live, and finally, I was called. After a day of training to be issued a device I was off and running. So, for the next six weeks, I was blessed to knock on roughly 1400 doors in and around our town. In this way, I was able to meet a number of people that I likely wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

Through the course of the conversations that were had at the doorsteps of these homes, I encountered fourteen individuals who were interested in learning more about the Bible. This has kept us plenty busy hosting Bible studies in our home and visiting others that I contacted.

In September we began the process of revisiting you, our supporters, and sharing a detailed report of the great things that the Lord has done this year in spite of, and in many cases, because of the global crisis created by COVID-19. We have not gotten to visit with everybody yet, but we are working on filling up our calendar for December and beyond.

There is virtually nothing that COVID has not touched. We have had to cancel and reschedule some of our appointments due to confirmed cases among some of our supporting congregations. We have lost some of our support as a direct result of the impact that COVID has had in some places. Our prayers are with the brethren that are being affected. I know that many have lost much more than support, and some of these losses will never be reclaimed on this side of eternity.

At the beginning of October Leah was privileged to speak at the Texas Ladies for Christ retreat in Brady, TX. School for the boys is back in full swing. I am studying Spanish together with our oldest son so that I will better be able to reach those living around us who do not speak English. We greatly appreciate your prayers and continued fellowship.

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