Thoughts From Gregg

Needless to say, I would really like to return to Uganda, which I call my second home. I yearn to see the faces of my beloved brethren. Yet, until things change, it is not possible. It is very easy to communicate with brethren either with Facebook or WhatsApp. Yes, things are moving along fairly well. Hope is the Ugandan President will open things back up soon, and our students will return to class. Until then, we contact as many as possible with bible lessons, agricultural lessons, and some food relief when funds arrive for this purpose.

Let me tell you about a new congregation called Kidodo. It was begun by Mbusa Benard, our Rwenzori School of Preaching director. It is on the west side of Kasese. There is a congregation on the east side known as the Kasese Town church of Christ. This new congregation will provide a closer place to worship for those living in this section of town. During a recent food distribution, many non-members also received help. This has opened many doors for evangelism. Along with these, all the employees at the Rwenzori International Hotel also received food relief.

Here is where I will tell you about Bulage Agnes. I have known her since 2015 from staying at the hotel. She has studied the Bible with several of us, myself, Gage, and also Justin. During the pandemic, Uganda has been in lockdown. This means Agnes was out of work and in need. Upon receiving relief from our efforts, she wanted more. We introduced her to Mbusa and invited her to worship with the Kidodo congregation as it newly opened. She has visited several times and is now back to work. However, this caused her to be unable to attend worship due to work. We are praying that very soon we will hear of her conversion to Christ Jesus. The good news is that reports of baptisms arrive every week because the Gospel has not been shut down. The brethren are constantly traveling in evangelistic endeavors all over.

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