Yesterday I was unable to give an update of the work here in Cameroon due to the fact that our internet was down for the day. But yesterday and today were great days. Much was accomplished. We were able yesterday to acquire rabbits from an individual in Beua. We bought 5 rabbits. 2 of them are full grown breed able females and one is a 3 month old female. We also bought 2 3 month old males. All of them were in what I would call poor condition. The man we bought them from did not think it necessary to water them because he thought all the water they needed was in the plants he was feeding them!!! He also had them in cages wrapped in plastic. They were sweating profusely and looked aweful but they were the only rabbits we could find. However, after just two days of good food, unlimited water, ventilation, and some pampering by the students, they seem to be doing quite well and show major signs of improvement.

Today we went to a “preachers meeting” in Kumba. It was very interesting to say the least. It was very hot, dusty, and dry there. It was about a 2.5 hour drive to get there even though it was only 50 miles from here. We were able to meet about 20 preachers and encourage them. This meeting made me realize after talking with them about the struggles they face here financially, how important the work we are doing is. Most of them are living well below the poverty level even here in Cameroon!!!

While we were gone to the meeting, the students began construction of the bamboo shelter and fence for the back of what we call the “compound.” It will provide shelter from the sun and rain for the rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, chickens, and the snails. We were able to get the frame up and part of the fence (as you can see from the pic). We also were able to begin construction of the free range snail pen. We got much more work done than I expected.

The students have been very surprised to see me work hand in hand with them on these projects. They have the perception that “white man from America” doesn’t know how to work with their hands. They thought we all had soft hands and all had servants to work for us. They were glad to see that my hands certainly are not soft and I wouldn’t know what to do if I had a servant.

The excitement is really starting to build here at the school and in the village. Many people outside of the school are pitching in to help with the construction of the pens and fence and many are also planning on attending the course beginning Monday morning. One student cornered me today to thank me for the work we are doing here. He had been considering not preaching when he graduates in December because of the churches financial situation here, but now he believes he has a good chance with the knowledge and hands on practice that he will receive here to become completely self sufficient!!!! It is truly moving to see what is taking place here. Keep praying, its working…..

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