Today I was finally able to start teaching our vocational classes. We spent a large amount of time trying to understand what the Bible says about the principles of agriculture. The students really seemed to enjoy it. At about 11a.m. the trainers for the snail program came and taught us for several hours. The picture to the left is Caleb, one of the snail trainers. It was great material and the students seemed to learn a lot. It was very informative. I believe that the snail program is truly going to be an opportunity for the students.

We continued our work on constructing our “compound” today. The students went to the jungle and gathered bamboo for our fence. We got most of the fence constructed. We also nearly finished construction of the snail pen (the pen is constructed with the blue netting you see in the picture). All of the students got involved and the work went really fast. Part of their grade is based upon the amount of work that they put in with the construction of the agricultural projects this week! Its amazing how well incentive works….

Keep the prayers coming. Last night we had over 35 responses and all were restored!!! Every member of the congregation repented. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

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