Work Spotlight: Uganda Food Relief

The COVID lockdowns this year have continued, and in Uganda, they have been particularly harsh. Over the summer, the president of Uganda imposed a very strict forty-two-day lockdown, which was only partially lifted at the expiration of its original time. This has caused many Ugandans to lose the ability to work, lose access to marketplaces, and food shortages to spiral out of control. With little to no help coming from the government, the church sprang into action.

With the help of our generous supporters and brethren, we were able to send $25,337 to Uganda to buy food and seed for food crops. This was distributed first to widows, helping at least e89 widows find relief from hunger. Then we made distributions through faithful congregations and preachers, reaching some 156 different localities in Uganda and Congo. As a direct result of this massive relief effort, 107 Bible studies were conducted, which yielded 69 souls being baptized into Christ. Nonchristians were impressed to see the love of Christ being shown by the church in their time of need.

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