Upcoming Dates

We are working hard to get back to a full schedule of travel and mission work. As such, I have two overseas trips planned for the next two months. On Munday, February 28, Leah, JD, and I will fly out for Turkey, Portugal, and Norway. We will be traveling with brother Stan Crowley. This trip is a follow-up to our trip last year to Turkey and Ukraine, along with developing some new contacts.

In April, Gregg Knight and I will be headed back to Uganda! It has been over two years since we have been able to go there due to their record-setting COVID lockdown, which lasted roughly a year and a half. We will be teaching at the Rwenzori School of Preaching, and also visiting a few congregations there to encourage the brethren and work with some of our graduates.

I am also still scheduling appointments to update supporters here in the States.

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