Thanks to Kirbyville, TX

I was blessed with the opportunity to teach and present our work to the Kirbyville Church of Christ this morning. The brethren at Kirbyville have been so wonderful to myself and my family over the years. It has always been a joy to spend time with them and we always leave encouraged. I put forward to the congregation this morning that several of the works could benefit greatly from an old tractor if someone had one just collecting dust in the barn. Following services several came to me and said they would gladly donate their old tractors!!!! In a country like Haiti an old used tractor is like a new car to us in the USA. Several also came and stuck money in my pockets for the trip. It’s always so encouraging to be with such wonderful people. I believe the supporters of our work are the greatest folks in the world. Thanks for all you do to keep our work going. Without our supporters we would be nothing!

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