Modelle School of Preaching May Update

At the beginning of May the school held its’ first graduation ceremony. The six students that graduated have all gone out to work with congregations in evangelizing the lost and building up the brotherhood.

The weekly evangelistic efforts of the school have continued, and at least three more souls have been baptized into Christ as a result. The places requesting to hear the Gospel are often remote and can be difficult to reach, but the brethren find a way to get there with the message that saves souls!

With the absence of students, the faculty have been able to fully turn their attention to growing the farm. The goal is to increase crop production over the summer so that this school can become fully self supported.

The region is still wracked with violence because of the Anglophone crisis. We are praying for the safety of our brethren, and for peace to return to the area so that we can, too.

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