It’s Been A Busy Summer

I hope and trust that this quick email finds you all doing well and in good health as your soul prospers. I want to apologize for not sending out an update last month, and also in advance for the brevity of this one.

I spent the month of July mostly working on the finishing touches for the second quarter curriculum for the Talawanda School of Preaching. They concluded the first quarter in that month, and the students are doing well. Leah spent a week in Sandy Bay, Jamaica teaching children and conducting Bible studies. In total, she studied with roughly 8-10 souls while she was there. Some of these are still keeping in contact with the brethren. Also in July, we finished negotiations and purchased a house for our family!

The beginning of August saw us working on remodeling our new house (it was a little rough around the edges). As we were working on that I ended up taking a trip to the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital with acute pancreatitis, which was caused by a gall stone blocking my common bile duct. Thankfully, the surgeons there were able to remove my gallbladder and then the stone, and there have been no further complications. After a few days, I was sent home and put on light duty. The medical bills haven’t started coming in yet, but I’m pretty sure that I met my $5,000 deductible.

Last week the doctors gave me the all-clear to keep my scheduled trip to Talawanda to teach in the school there and to work with Maurice on the academic program, record keeping, and communication. I will be flying out on Sunday, September 8 after morning worship.

As I return from Tanzania I am going to stop off in Cambridge, England for a few days and hold a Gospel meeting. We will be spending some time in the streets encouraging people to come and hear God’s Word, and also working to set up Bible studies. Please pray that the efforts are fruitful.

I am scheduled to return home on September 25. While I am gone Leah and the boys are hoping to complete work on the house and get to move in. So, I guess I’ll find out for sure where home is when I get there 🙂

Thank you again for your support, prayers, and encouragement. After I return home I am going to be making an effort to reach out to all of my supporters and schedule a time to come and give a personal update on the work. Lots of exciting things have happened this year, and YOU are a big part of that!

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