Evangelism, Farming, and Fun

Battleship Texas

June was a busy month for our faculty and students. In Uganda, our students completed the second quarter of their second year. They have just six more months to go! The threat of Ebola spilling across the border from Congo has caused some concern, but with a few extra precautions, the work presses on.
The evangelistic work that our students, faculty, and graduates are carrying out is going very well. Six congregations of the denomination known as “The Brethren” have been converted to New Testament Christianity. A seventh congregation is continuing to study and be taught by Christians in Bundibugyo district.

In Cameroon, there are no students currently enrolled while the faculty focuses on increasing the farm production. Once that goal is met and a new intake of students arrives, the school will be following our new plan of instruction.

In Tanzania, students have just completed their first quarter ever! Things went well overall. Based on feedback from the instructors there I will be making a few adjustments to the curriculum.

Meanwhile, I have been busy putting together the curriculum for the second quarter, which begins in July after a short break. I am working to fill my calendar with appointments to give reports to our supporters. Please let me know what date(s) will work best for you, and I will do my best to get that on my calendar.

Here at home, we are continuing our focus on evangelism, and I have several Bible studies ongoing. On the lighter side, me and the boys had the opportunity to spend the night aboard the Battleship Texas. It was super cool!

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