Worker Spotlight: Alex Tunda

Alex Tunda was sent to us at Talawanda by a Fire Gospel Pentecostal church. His father is the preacher for this church. They wanted him to learn the Bible and were happy to find that there is no charge for students to enroll at Talawanda School of Preaching. During his two years at Talawanda, Alex studied hard and thought deeply. It took time, but he came to the knowledge of the truth, and by graduation, he was ready to obey the Gospel and become a Christian.

Since graduating, Alex has returned to his home village of Pingo and has been diligent in evangelizing. The Village elders gave him some land to build a church building, which is now in use. he has started his herd of goats, which he plans to use to support himself. In the meantime, he has been working as a boda-boda driver. He has already gained great respect in his village as somebody who knows God’s Word and is a teacher of truth. The church at Pingo is small but growing quickly. He is also teaching a short course for us at Talawanda.

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