Upcoming Dates

It looks like things are back in full swing as far as travel is concerned. Next week Gregg and I are headed back to Tanzania. This will be our first trip in two and a half years that does not require a mask or a COVID test. We have one student who started a year behind our last class that will be graduating while we are there. We’ll also be teaching the sixteen other students that have another year left in the program as well as helping with some evangelism in area villages.

In August we will be traveling for Polishing the Pulpit. We’re looking forward to catching up with many friends and supporters there. I am also making plans to visit with a couple of congregations along the way.

We are discussing travel plans for a fall trip as well. I am hoping to have those details nailed down shortly after we return from Africa this summer. I’ll also start working to revisit our supporters in the closing months of this year to update everyone in person.

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