Things Start Heating Up

The Spring months evaporated almost as quickly as the moisture has with the climbing temperatures.

March saw Stan Crowley, Leah, JD, and I traveling to Turkey and Portugal to follow up on last year’s work in Turkey and Ukraine. One of the Ukrainian families that we had studied with last year was in the process of fleeing to Portugal, and while we were there we were able to help get the last of the women and children from that family to safety. The men, of course, were required to stay behind and fight. We were also able to help them make some connections in the area, and the beginnings of a Russian Speaking Ukrainian church is there in Lisbon, Portugal!

In April I was able to finally return to Uganda after more than two years of hard lockdowns. The people there have suffered greatly over the last couple of years. All of that suffering provided opportunities for the Lord’s church to show the Love of Christ to those around them. As a result, we were able to visit a few congregations that had not existed the last time we were there.

During the month of May, Josiah, our middle son turned thirteen, and our oldest graduated from High School one week after receiving his associate’s degree. It seems that while I was gone fuel prices climbed a bit. Our monthly fuel bill has tripled over last year.

June has kept me busy with Bible studies, counseling, and beekeeping. Our first honey harvest of the season was small, but it sure was sweet! Sometimes we can get the feeling that people here in America aren’t interested in the Gospel the same way that folks in other countries. However, five souls have approached me in the last couple of months wanting to know more about what the Bible says and how to become a Christian! The fields are white unto harvest.

THANK YOU for your continued fellowship, prayers, and support.

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