Talawanda School of Preaching

The Talawanda School of Preaching is currently under construction in far eastern Tanzania.  We began construction several months ago and are optimistic that it will be finished by January of 2019.  There is already an operational farm at the school and we plan to harvest our first crops in July of 2018!  The school funds are overseen by the Knott, TX church of Christ with her evangelist, Lee Wright, being the coordinator for the school.  Maurice Gasper will serve as the Director for the school.

 Maurice on the school motorcycle

 Corn nearly ready for harvest

Beginning of the walls for the school

 Hauling timbers for the school

 Walls are nearly finished

 Workers at the construction site

 Maurice preaching to the workers

 Bananas and Plantains that are ready to be planted

Gage Coldwater, Lee Wright, and Maurice Gasper