Springing Forward

Today I feel like a giant spring that has been firmly pressed to the ground and is ready to catapult into the great unknown. I have been looking forward to the opportunity to travel to Cameroon Africa, to work with the school of preaching, for months. All of the planning, praying, and preparing has only wound my spring tighter. The prospect of being able to aid 18 students, 4 instructors, and countless others, so that we can begin working towards getting the school, congregations, and the preachers self supporting and sustaining motivates me knowing that it will only aid in the further expansion on the kingdom of our Lord. Many have financially aided and sacrificed to make this opportunity possible. Within 24 hours from now I will land in Douala Cameroon and be greeted by our wonderful director of the school, brother Elangwe.

I am going to be teaching and learning at the same time on this trip. I recently learned that a major source of food and income in western Africa is escargot, snail meat. When I first discovered this I imagined snails smaller than a golf ball but to my grateful surprise the snails in west Africa are capable of growing to the size of a small football! I also was able to find a woman in the city of Limbe, Cameroon who has a large snail farm and she graciously has agreed to bring her staff to the school and train us how to raise snails! I also will be traing the people in how to improve their agricultural techniques, how to raise rabbits, pigs, and goats in such a manner as to be near self-sustaining! Please pray for me as I fly today and tomorrow and be looking for daily updates of our work in Cameroon.


  1. Me on March 2, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    I wanna see pics of you eating a snail sandwich, snail pizza, snail kabobs, chicken fried snail, snail burger, salsbury snail, BBQ snail, snail pot pie, pulled snail, snail chops… I think you get the hint.

  2. Gage Coldwater on March 4, 2012 at 1:46 am

    The salsbury sounds pretty good to me as well as the BBQ. Thanks for the suggestions. Since your so interested I think I will bring some dried snail home in full assurance that you will try some!!!

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