School Spotlight: Talawanda

Even though the corn crop was harvested last month, things are continuing to grow at the Talawanda School of Preaching. With the fields empty, the students have been working hard turning under the soil and clearing more land so they can plant more seed for the next growing season. They have worked so tirelessly that it was necessary to procure new hoes and pickaxes because the old ones were worn out.

The students at Talawanda have worn out their hows with use.

Other areas of the farm have been experiencing growth as well. The goats which were added several months ago continue to mature. The chickens are thriving and reproducing prolifically. There have been so many chickens that they were able to sell some and purchase additional building materials that cannot be harvested from the land. The population of ducks, which are raised for their meat, continues to grow as well. So many good things are happening which are very encouraging for the future of TSOP and its farm and help to build enthusiasm for the work moving forward.

Everybody pulls their weight. In addition to helping feed the school, the chickens have purchased building supplies!

As busy as farming keeps the students at Talawanda, it is not the only responsibility they have. These men are at TSOP for the primary reason of studying the Bible and learning how to effectively communicate God’s good news with others. The school was able to resume classes when the government loosened certain social restrictions that were put in place as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in the classroom since last month, the students are taking seven classes during this academic quarter which, with studying outside of class, writing papers, along with group devotionals and personal study time, doesn’t leave them much free time. I hope that, along with me, you will commend these men (and their families) for the sacrifice they are making to prepare themselves to work in the kingdom and be able to provide for their families and others at the same time. This truly is a noble endeavor.

The TSOP family will also be growing. Director Maurice Gaspar and his wife are expecting another child. The baby is due to arrive sometime in September. Maurice’s wife has experienced difficulty during the pregnancy causing her to be on bedrest much of the time. Please pray for mother and baby and the entire family as they eagerly await the birth. Pray for health and that there are no complications for the birth.

Most of the building supplies used at Talawanda come directly from the land around the school.

The Talawanda School of Preaching is teeming with life in every way. I am personally amazed at the great progress they have made in the short time since being established. Because of travel restrictions, it has been over a year since Lee Wright and I were there, and I am constantly blown away by all the pictures that I see. There are so many more animals and plants. There are more than twice the number of structures, and the ones that were present at my visit have been added on to and greatly improved.

So many good things and so much good work for the kingdom is being done by the staff and the students of TSOP! May God continue to bless their efforts and may we all continue to support them in every way moving into the future.

Greg Surles

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