Teaching Men To Preach, Farm, & Be Self-Sufficient in Ministry

Training Preachers Around The World To Be Self-Supporting

It is our aim to train and aid preachers, preacher training schools, orphanages, and members of the church of Christ around the world to be self-sufficient.  We have traveled to nearly every continent to teach and we have requests to teach coming in nearly every day from many parts of the world.  All of our teaching methods are tried, tested, and proved on our research farm we call the Manna Farm in Orange, TX.  We use a Biblical approach to agriculture.  We spend large amounts of time and energy researching the regions of the world we travel to in order to customize our teaching program to their climates and cultures.

We always strive to use this opportunity to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.  We try to preach and teach on every trip we take.  We have been met with great success in doing this.