The Rwenzori School of Preaching (RSOP) is an intensive two year school of preaching and agricultural training school located on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains in Southwest Uganda.  Construction of the school began in May of 2015 and was completed in December of 2015.  Our First class of nine men began on Jan. 17, 2016 and Graduated Jan. 18, 2018.  We are currently beginning our second intake at the school and we have 15 students.  Mbusa Benard directs the school and several faithful preachers from the area help in teaching the classes.  Gregg Knight (evangelist from Texas) is the coordinator for this school.  The students receive a diploma both from the Manna Project as well as the World Bible Institute.  The students are also taught sustainable agriculture while they are in school.  It is our dream that the school is one day self supported by the farm efforts.

Students preparing for exams outside the school

Maurice Gasper (our original farm manager) standing in front of the school

View to the west toward the Rwenzori Mountains

Gage Coldwater teaching about electric fencing at the school

A view of the gardens and school from the Pig and Rabbit Barn

Tomatoes being grown on the school farm

A tomato harvest from the farm

One of our many rabbits being grown for meat and manure on the farm.

Corn from the School farm

From Left to Right – Gage Coldwater, Mbusa Benard (school director), and Gregg Knight

Goats being taken to pasture on the farm.