Rwenzori School of Preaching Opens!!!

Monday, January 18th, marked the opening day of classes for our “ALPHA” class of students at the Rwenzori School of Preaching in Kigoro, Uganda (Near Kasese).  So far we have a good number of students and they are eager to work and learn.  They will be at the school for two full years where they will learn the Bible, English, how to preach, evangelism, and how to be self-supporting through agriculture.  These students will be actively involved in evangelistic campaigns throughout southwestern Uganda on the weekend.  These men are required to be hard working and diligent in both their studies and also on the school farm as they endeavor to produce their own healthy food.  This opportunity allows them to learn how to farm multiple crops and raise many kinds of animals.
Maurice Gasper and Gregg Knight constructing the pig barn.
Pictured left is our farm manager and teacher, Maurice Gasper as the work to construct a pig barn.  I met Maurice several years ago in Tanzania when I was teaching an agricultural course at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching.  He quickly showed his desire for learning and willingness to lead and we began using him to teach courses all across Tanzania and Kenya.  He has agreed to come to the school for two years and teach and manage the school farm and also train another man to take his place.  Maurice is a genuinely gentle soul.  He is quiet and meek but his strength of character and integrity demands respect from all who meet and know him.  He arrived at the school this week ready to work and has already begun working with Gregg on several projects including tending the large gardens, harvesting the corn, building several barns (pig, chickens, and rabbits so far), and building a plant nursery.  I cant wait to see what the future holds for this part of the school.
I plan to fly to Uganda to assist these two brothers at the school.  Please keep us in your prayers as we work to spread the borders of the kingdom!
Small Rabbit Barn
Corn Harvested this week
Watering the garden

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