Report from Uganda – Rwenzori School of Preaching

We recieved this report from Mbusa Benard, Director of the Rwenzori school of preaching, this week.  “Greetings brethren in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, thank you for the work of the Lord that you are doing. On behalf of RSOP and on my own behalf, I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for the monthly support that you send to us, we are very committed in the field knocking door to door proclaiming the Lords message and in this, souls have been added to the Lords church daily.
The two congregations of Kabatunda and Kinyamagana are now coming up after strengthening them through sending preachers there every Sunday and we now have many prospects there and two of them were baptized last Sunday.
Our missions in the next district of Bundibugyo is doing well; we now plan to open up another congregation after having many prospects and they come from distant places, the pygmies that stay in the camp next to the church are happy with us after receiving some help from brother Gregg and some of them are now worshiping with the newly converted congregation in Ntandi, they were Pentecostals and after receiving the truth, they accepted it and now are Christians.
We are planning this week to start discussing with a good gathering of the brethren denomination, they are over 15 assembleys, we have been studying with their leaders and have seen the truth, we now plan to meet the whole gathering in kasese town and I will report to you in my subsequent report.
The students are active both in class and in the farm, they planted tomatoes, corn, and some greens individually, they are also participating in the school farm where we grow variety of corns,tomatoes,greens ,vanilla and we also keep some animals, we plan to plant more vanilla so that the school can be self supporting in the future.
May you continue supporting our work through Brother Gage coldwater and Gregg knight, they are faithful to us in everything; the pleasure is mine and the glory to the Lord.”
Yours in Christ, Mbusa Benard-Director RSOP

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