Rwenzori School of Preaching Update

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 30, 2020

During our visit to Uganda in January, Gregg and I were blessed to receive fifteen new students at Rwenzori. All eight of our graduates have gone out, and are doing great work. The fifteen new students dove right in to working and learning on the farm, and applying themselves to their studies. As the lockdown…

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Change of Eldership

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 27, 2020

Dear Supporters, There is no doubt that the last few weeks and months have been stressful and filled with anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world like a wildfire. We understand that many congregations have had to temporarily suspend worship services. This has put a great financial difficulty upon many congregations…

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A Slight Change of Plans

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 24, 2020

This year has certainly not progressed as we had all thought that it would at the outset. During the month of January, In had a great trip to Uganda during which we saw our eight graduating students off and into their new works. Three congregations were established by these men, and their goats and gardens…

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Modelle School of Preaching Update

By Justin Hopkins | Apr 3, 2020

In January, the school in Modelle received a new intake and began studying on the new curriculum. Things have been going well with the new students. The situation in Cameroon due to the virus has been unique. The French-speaking government ordered all schools to close. The English-speaking local authorities, along with the separatist fighters countermanded…

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It’s Been A Busy Summer

By Justin Hopkins | Sep 7, 2019

I hope and trust that this quick email finds you all doing well and in good health as your soul prospers. I want to apologize for not sending out an update last month, and also in advance for the brevity of this one. I spent the month of July mostly working on the finishing touches…

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Worker Spotlight: Kitalibara Joseph

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 20, 2019

Joseph is one of the instructors at Rwenzori School of Preaching in Kasese, Uganda. He spends a great deal of time teaching our students as well as helping with the weekly evangelistic efforts. To help support his family, he operates a tour company, JosNet Safari Tours. If you’ve thought about an African safari, tracking gorillas…

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Talawanda School of Preaching June 2019

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 13, 2019
Gasper teaching Hermeneutics to our six full-time students at Talawanda.

The school at Talawanda has six full-time students, three of which are married. The wives are there at the school with their husbands in family housing. New requests to study at the school keep coming in. The farm has produced plenty of food to sustain the students and faculty! We are continuing to plant and…

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If Any Man Will Do His Will

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 7, 2019

In John 7, Jesus stood in the Temple teaching those that were there. Jews began questioning how He could teach since He had not been formally trained as a Rabbi. Jesus’ first words of response are important to us today. First, He asserts that His teachings weren’t His own, but that they had come from…

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Modelle School of Preaching June 2019

By Justin Hopkins | Aug 6, 2019
Eti Paul and Family

The faculty has been planting more food crops on the school farm, including coco yams, yams and cassava. They are also setting aside a portion of the farm to grow cash crops like cocoa and coffee. Evangelism work has been steadily moving forward, with seven baptisms being reported in the month of June! The students…

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