Blankets and Mattresses for Dhading Besi

By Gage Coldwater | Dec 1, 2015

This week brother Pramod Dhakal plans on delivering blankets and mattresses to the struggling refugee camp at Dhading Besi Nepal.  This is the same camp we delivered 150 bags of rice to about a month ago.  If you would like to donate money to help pay for these items please go to our donate page…

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Construction update at the Rwenzori School of Preaching

By Gage Coldwater | Aug 26, 2015

Construction is going well.  The walls and trusses are up on the main building and the roof should go on this weekend.  We are also trying right now to purchase some additional acreage for the school so that we can produce much more food for our students and to make the school more self supporting.…

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By Gage Coldwater | Jul 30, 2015

CONSTRUCTION AT THE  RWENZORI SCHOOL OF PREACHING KASESE, UGANDA Thanks to the hard work of many men and women from both the USA and Uganda as well as the financial support of many good brethren, the Ruwenzori School of Preaching is now more than just a dream, it is becoming a reality right now.  The stem…

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Day 1 Nepal Earthquake Relief

By Gage Coldwater | May 14, 2015

DAY 1 – NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF Sometimes there are not sufficient words to describe how you feel at your deepest core.  Devastation on a mass scale like it is here is hard to fit into a sentence and pictures even fall massively short of depicting the truest pain and suffering that is going on in…

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By Gage Coldwater | May 11, 2015

Nepal Trip In several hours Torrey Clark, Randy Gaddy, and myself (Gage Coldwater) will embark on the first leg of our expedition to the Mountains of Nepal to deliver earthquake relief goods and funds.  It has been a difficult trip so far as Torrey and Randy have endured canceled flights and diverted flights just to get…

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Nepal Humanitarian Relief

By Gage Coldwater | Apr 28, 2015

NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF EFFORT Hundreds of thousands of people are without shelter, food, water, and medicine in Nepal’s vast mountainous regions and capital city of Kathmandu.  In the wake of Saturdays earthquake that registered 7.8 magnitude, estimates are that over 5,000 people are dead, 50,000 people are injured, and one million children are in need…

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By Gage Coldwater | Jan 23, 2015

What an exciting and educational week Gregg and I have been blessed with to be here in Fort Myers, Fl, learning how to improve what we teach overseas in helping improve the livelihoods of our brethren in developing countries and with the preaching schools and orphanages.  Its great to get to learn and develop our…

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By Gage Coldwater | Jan 20, 2015

TROPICAL AGRICULTURE TRAINING IN FLORIDA Today Gregg and I started a class put on by Echo International on Tropical Agricultural Development in Fort Myers, Florida.  We are constantly striving to increase our knowledge and abilities to teach in third world countries and we are thankful for the opportunity to learn from a group who has…

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Black Soldier Fly Larva at the Manna Farm!!!

By Gage Coldwater | Oct 21, 2014

Here at the Manna Farm we have started raising Black Soldier Flies and their larvae!!! Keep reading to find out why… WHAT ARE BLACK SOLDIER FLIES Black soldier flies are small, harmless insects that have the potential to provide promising solutions to two of modern agriculture’s growing problems: the high cost of animal feed and…

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