Modelle School of Preaching

Modelle School of Preaching
Modelle, Cameroon

The Modelle school of Preaching began in April of 2017.  Modelle is located in the Northwest region of Cameroon where the church was sparsely populated and few preachers lived.  It is our goal to train preachers here to go out throughout the whole of Cameroon with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Eti Paul Zephanian is the director of the school.  We have a school farm which provides food for the school.

 Worship at Modelle

 Students in class

 Water Pump that was donated for irrigation of the school farm

 Rabbits being raised by school director

 Tomatoes being grown in heavily mulched raised beds

 Front of the school building

 Casava growing a the farm

Coco yams being raised on the farm