Modelle School of Preaching Update

Our current group of students has two quarters left before graduation. We are presently in the dry season and in a few months from now, the rain will start. But we had a good harvest of beans and some few piglets. We are also starting to raise chickens for egg production. Using the fish trap we are able to catch a good number of fish on a weekly basis. Even though the water level is low right now. Our bean harvest was good. We shared some with widows in the village and some orphans and used the rest to feed the students and support the school.

We recently hosted a lectureship in Weh village. Many backsliders were restored back to the faith and three souls were baptized into Christ. We have lectureships planned for March and April in other places.

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  1. Cliff Robberts on March 26, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    Always encouraged by your updates on the project and progress that is on going.

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