Meet Faustin

Faustin Emanuel Sifael is a native of Talawanda, Tanzania. He is now twenty-two years old. Since graduating High School he worked making bricks. His job was to turn the bricks over as they dried in the sun. He came to the school at Talawanda to help make the bricks for the construction of the school and proved to be a diligent worker.

Maurice, our director, invited him to be a student in our first class. While a student, Faustin has continued to keep up with his work around the school facilities. Three months after coming he made the decision to obey the Gospel. Now as a student his knowledge, faith, and dedication seem to grow with each day.

In addition to his duties as a student, Faustin oversees the supply stores for the school and cares for both the rabbits and the chickens, which provide the backbone for the school farm.

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