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Over the weekend, a giant tree inside the shop compound area at the Chimala mission fell.  It landed directly across our rabbit building! It caused some major damage!

Fortunately, none of our rabbits were hurt and are thriving still!

The workers on the mission have been hard at work rebuilding the building and wall that were destroyed and it should be as good as new before long!


Rice is currently being grown on some leased land for consumption by the students.  It has been planted and has emerged and our stand looks great!
Our farm is producing lots of different vegetables!


Casava (tapioca)!



Bananas!Our farm is also growing lots of livestock!

Over 50 rabbits!

20 Chickens!

5 Ducks!

9 Pigs!

18 Goats!Our students are about to enter their second year of school.  Please keep them in your prayers!

Speaking Schedule
Oct. 31st – Warren, TX Gospel Meeting
Nov. 4th  – Hattiesburg, MS
Nov. 11th – Schertz, TX Lectureship
Nov. 14th – Coahoma, TX
Nov. 18th – Westbrook, TX (am worship)
First Week of December we fly to Tanzania!
Dec to May – Chimala Mission Tanzania
May (Memorial Day weekend) – Branson, MO Lectures


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