Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

3 Ways You Can Help the Manna Project this week!

People are constantly asking “How can I help the Manna Project.”  We are so thankful to have brethren just like you who support our work and are an encouragement to us.  If you are wanting to be more involved let me suggest 3 ways you can individually help us spread the gospel of Jesus around the world!

1. Pray Every Day For All Our Workers!

We covet your prayers!  We know that God hears our prayers and through His divine providence helps us.  Everyday our workers need you to pray that we have safe travels as we work, that we will receive rain in at our schools in Uganda and Cameroon where we desperately need it, that we and our families are free from the harsh diseases that surround them in Africa, for the souls of the people we encounter on a daily basis, and finally pray that we will have the funding that we need to continue this great work!

2. Spread the word about the Manna Project to others

We want as many people as possible to know about the amazing work that God is accomplishing around the world!  The work we are doing is a source of great encouragement to many New Testament Christians.  If you have friends in your congregations who would like to receive our newsletters by email simply encourage them to go to and click the subscribe button so that they automatically added to our newsletter list!

3. Commit to Giving $25 each Month!

We are constantly needing to raise funds for special projects at each of our works throughout the world.  We currently need to raise $400 to help pay a hospital bill in Cameroon for a refugee who gave birth last week and we need to raise $5000 for a school van in Uganda for our students to travel to do evangelism.  We believe if we can get 200 individuals to set up a recurring payment of just $25 each, we could then by your support, help meet the needs that constantly arise to help our schools and our brethren. Just $25 a month is the equivalent of a couple going to dinner at the Olive Garden once.  With such a small amount you have the ability to impact the lives of so many! Several of you are already doing this and it is a great help! Thank You!  If you want to start today simply click the donate button and it will simply and securely walk you through how to set up a monthly recurring donation through Paypal!


(From Mbusa Benard in Uganda)

The students of the Rwenzori school of preaching and the staff members conducted a gospel campaign in Kigoro market where people sell their goods, we preached the word loudly in a more precise way and every one was moved and they asked many questions and were astonished how we answered them and one man by the names of Mumbere Joad came quickly stating that he wanted to be added to the body of Christ. He was baptized at that time and he invited us to his house because he wanted his wife to receive the same message that pricked his heart, his wife welcomed us and we studied with her till evening and she promised to be baptized the next day, she then asked for our contact information. When we were at school studying with other prospects she called that she wanted to be baptized and we directed her to come to school and was baptized, as I can say now they are committed Christians and they are preaching to others also, we have baptized several souls to be added to the Lord’s church through our evangelism program, like this month we have witnessed 13 baptisms through the great effort that our students and staff put in the Lords work. We work in Uganda and Congo and currently, we have a student from Congo who will help in directing us to preach the pure gospel there, may the Lord bless you the more as you continue supporting our work.

In Christ,

Mbusa Benard

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  1. Teresa Shepard on December 3, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    I heard about the Manna project in Odessa recently. My husband had just passed away. I wish to donate the cost of the kit to help start up new churches. I have forgotten what it is called.

    I will donate this month to WVBS and specify for this project kit. Please send me the Name of the project.

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