Headed to Tanzania

Deut. 8:10 When thou hast eaten and art full, then thou shalt bless the LORD thy God for the good land which he hath given thee.


Kelly and I are so excited about our upcoming trip to Tanzania in September.  We will be going to the Chimala Mission in Southwest Tanzania for 9 days and to our preaching school, the Talawanda School of Preaching, on the eastern coast for several days.  Please keep us and our work there in your prayers.  Thank you to everyone who has financially helped us with the expenses of this endeavor. We hope to get all necessary preparations made for our temporary move there. We will be living and working there from December 2018 to May 2019. We will be buying tractors and other equipment, meeting with Chimala staff, surveying the property, testing the soil and water, and getting several farm projects started. The Chimala mission feeds hundreds of people each day and we look forward to helping them learn to grow all of their own food!

Talawanda School Nearly Complete

Maurice Gasper, Director of Talawanda School of Preaching, has informed me that he believes construction will be finished on our school building and cottages in October and Lord willing we may be able to open our school in January! You can see rafters for the roof that were installed last week. We recently purchased a large chainsaw to help reduce construction cost by cutting our own timbers as well as producing income by renting it out when we do not need it!


We were able to speak and have a booth at PTP this year which proved to be a great week and a great opportunity to network with other mission works (which we love to assist!) as well as meeting prospective supporters. I was able to speak twice about the Hurricane Harvey relief we did at Vidor, TX and spoke about raising Godly preachers children.

Our booth was located right next to the Epic Coffee booth with Justin Hopkins. It received A LOT of traffic as many brethren came by to try his amazing coffee (be sure to keep reading this report to learn more about it!).

It was also great to be able to sit at the feet of great preachers and be refreshed and encouraged. I loved hearing two of my favorite preachers, Keith Mosher, and John DeBerry, speak on several occasions. We were able to have dinner nearly every day with great friends and supporters. Our children were able to attend children’s classes as well and be encouraged. It was a wonderful week. If you ever get the opportunity to go to PTP you certainly should!


Pray for Refugees

Due to conflict within Cameroon, several Christians have had to flee their villages and found safety in the home of Eti Paul Zephaniah, our Modelle School of Preaching Director. He has informed me that one of the refugees gave birth this week at the hospital and has a bill there of $400. There is also a need to purchase food for these in his home. Please pray for this situation and if you would like to contribute to help them please contact me at gage@mannafarm.org. I am certain that any help will be greatly appreciated.




RSOP Rabbit Farm is reproducing like rabbits!

We have recently concentrated our farming efforts at the Rwenzori School of Preaching to learning how to grow rabbits more effectively in tropical Africa. We currently have 41 rabbits and we hope to grow the rabbitry to over 200 rabbits! We have hired a local rabbit farming expert named Matthew to help with this effort. Lord willing we will be doubling our rabbitry in the next few months.


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