A Note From Josh:

As the newest member of the team, I want to express my thankfulness to this great work for bringing me on to be our new Director of Communications. I have been in ministry since 2008, and have a background in both agriculture (farming in TN) and media production. In this role, I will be able to be engaged in all the regular aspects of the work. I will also be in charge of our media production. We want to be able to create a digital video curriculum for our students. We also want to capture the essence of what the work is like overseas. This allows us to be able to better represent the great work we are doing.

My other responsibility will be to travel the nation giving reports and updates to local congregations. I would love to see you!

If you want to schedule a report, please email me and we can make it happen. josh@mannafarm.org

—Josh Robinson (Director of Communications)

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